Letters to the Editor


Forums critical for vibrant democracy


Freedom is important to all of us, “reds” and “blues” alike. Freedom allows us to choose as we wish when we vote. With freedom comes responsibility: we have an obligation to choose wisely. How can we choose wisely if there is no discourse?

The recent decision of the Republican Party to limit participation of its candidates in public discourse is concerning. Democracy thrives when individuals with differing viewpoints discuss their points of view civilly before the public.

By refusing to join public forums, Republicans not only control and limit the topics they discuss with the public, they deprive the public of opportunities to compare viewpoints and candidates. This does not bode well for any future behavior on their part toward “unifying” or “working across the aisle”- something we all agree is much needed to heal our divided nation.

Consider your vote in the Special Election for Iowa Senate District 41 carefully. Are you choosing blind freedom? Or are you choosing wise freedom?

Margaret M. Dwyer, Fairfield