Washington County Fair Spotlight

Zoey Dennler been riding horses since she was 6 months old

Zoey Dennler with her horse Harvey (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)
Zoey Dennler with her horse Harvey (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)

Zoey Dennler has been riding horses since she was 6-months-old.

Now, the 14-year-old is preparing for the upcoming Washington County Fair horse show.

Dennler has had her horse, Harvey, for almost two years after a getting him from a graduating 4-H’er. The horse can be a little “spooky,” Dennler said, being startled by noises such as a whipping flag.

Dennler loves doing barrels with her horse and said the hardest part is convincing herself to go do chores in the middle of a blizzard.

Dennler was recently crowned Teen Queen of the Lake Darling Saddle Club. She showed her mini horse and rode in several classes.

To show at the fair, students must attend two workouts with their horses. Dennler said they are fun to practice with everyone.

Dennler said she has not had as much time to prepare this year as there were fewer workouts, and she has been practicing outside those times.

She said with fewer workouts, she has not been able to help Harvey adjust to being around more people.

Even though this year is different, Dennler is still excited to show.

Dennler said normally, the audience can make her nervous, and she blocks them out, but she likes seeing people support the riders. With no audience this year it will be a change.

The Washington County Fair will take place July 19-24. Attendance is closed to the public.