School staff demographics don't match students in Washington

WASHINGTON — The Washington Schools are seeing a younger and more diverse staff throughout the district, but the demographics do not match up with the student population.

Curriculum Director Veta Thode presented this year’s staff demographic information to the school board Wednesday.

There are 348 staff members at the Washington schools. Of that staff, 73 percent is female.

Of those teachers, 93 percent are white, 6 percent are Hispanic and 1 percent are other races or ethnicities.

The number of other races and ethnicities has decreased 2 percent compared to last year.

Thode compared the demographic percentages of staff and students.

Related to sex, 47 percent of the students are female and 53 percent are male.

Hispanic students have a much high percentage than staff with 19 percent of the student population. White students make up 74 percent and other races and ethnicities are 7 percent.

“We are always looking at ways to raise some of those numbers and match more of what our student population is,” Thode said.

Thode pointed out that the staff has become younger throughout the years. The staff is closely spread out from 20 to 60 plus.

There is 21 percent of the staff is in their 20s, 22 percent is the 30s, 23 percent is in the 40s, 21 percent is in the 50s and 13 percent is over 60 years old.

The number of staff members 20 to 29 has slowly increased since the 2016-17 school year, when there was 16 percent of the staff in that age group.