Mt. Pleasant Community School District intends to provide remote learning option to students

MT. PLEASANT — Close to 190 families in the Mt. Pleasant Community School District have requested remote learning for their children for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent John Henriksen shared data from an interest survey at the district’s site committee meeting on Thursday, during which school board members Chuck Andrew and Angie Blint were present. 63 families of students with fragile health as well as 125 families whose students are not considered in fragile health requested the remote learning option.

In a recent draft of the district’s return-to-learn plan, it indicates “a remote learning option will be made available to all students.”

Henriksen noted the district was already prepared to serve students with fragile health with one designated teacher from each grade level K-5 developing an online curriculum and leading the remote learning, and one teacher per grade level for grades 6 through 12 who would act as a tech support and consistent contact with students in addition to subject teachers.

With additional interest from other families, Henriksen said the district will look to bring on additional teachers to assist with remote learning for the lower grade levels.

During the review of the current draft of the district’s return-to-learn plan, Andrew asked about enforcement of the district’s mask requirement.

Currently the plan states “face coverings/shields will be required of all staff and students when six-foot physical distancing cannot be maintained.”

The plan notes the district will provide a face mask for each student if needed and stipulates certain situations may call for coverings “to be removed to provide appropriate educational programming.”

“The way we’re approaching this is mitigation is done in three ways. Social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing and wearing face coverings is the way it’s done. And none of them are stand-alone. Together is how we can best mitigate our way through it,” Henriksen said.

The superintendent added if the board approves the plan and enforcement becomes an issue, he would return to the issue with the board.

Andrew indicated he would not be voting in favor of the plan due to the face mask requirement.

The school board will vote on the plan at its regular school board meeting, scheduled for Monday at 6 p.m.