Mt. Pleasant Area Community theater pushes spring musical until 2021

MT. PLEASANT — The coronavirus pandemic may have put a halt to the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Theatre’s usual productions, but it hasn’t stopped the group from considering new ways to bring theater to the community.

The association’s board members gathered Sunday for their annual meeting, where they discussed the previous year’s activities as well as upcoming events.

The association approved three new board members — Jenny Wilkerson, Ben Fry and Alan Allsup — and briefly recapped its 50th anniversary celebration, held in June 2019, and its most recent production, “Period of Adjustment.”

“It was a good show, packed houses,” Dan Snavely, who was cast as Ralph Bates in the play, said.

Board members Barb McRoy and Joyce Dennison explained they hoped to get a radio show started, which could be aired on the local station. If ads were sold, the association could gain revenue from the show.

McRoy said the association has access to several scripts, including “Fibber McGee and Molly” episodes but needs someone to lead the project.

Dennison added they would like to see the radio show happen as soon as the association could “get a director and get it put together.”

“The radio is ready, so as soon as we’re ready,” McRoy said of how quickly the show could be put on air.

The group discussed the possibility of trying one show and gauging interest and success before heading into a series. McRoy and Dennison added the show could be prerecorded or performed live on-air. Board member Alan Allsup asked to be “penciled in” as a potential director for the radio show.

Adam Creager, who attended the meeting through Zoom, added the group could look into hosting a murder mystery night outdoors, similar to an event the association held several years back. He added it could be another means to pull in revenue for the association.

During the meeting, McRoy noted the association’s annual musical has been pushed to spring of 2021. Originally, the theater’s production of “Annie” was supposed to run July 9 through July 12. Tentatively the show has been scheduled for July 8 through July 11 of 2021. McRoy added there has been “a lot of interest” within the community and younger performers.

“Hopefully there will be a vaccine before then, and we’ll all be back to our new normal,” McRoy said.