Mobile crisis response offers emergency crisis counseling

CommUnity Mobile Crisis Response is now available in Louisa, Washington, Keokuk, and Jefferson counties.

This free program provides emergency crisis counseling to support people experiencing anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide or other mental health crises. Mobile Crisis counselors can be dispatched to homes, schools, emergency rooms, or public places where a mental health crisis is occurring.

Funding for this program is provided by Southeast Iowa Link.

Mobile Crisis counselors can be dispatched 24/7/365 by calling 1-833-854-7613. A team of two counselors will arrive on the scene within 60 minutes. Anyone can call CommUnity Mobile Crisis to have a counselor dispatched. The service is commonly used by teachers and guidance counselors, police officers, social workers and people concerned about a family member or friend.

“People can be dealing with a wide range of issues when they reach out for Mobile Crisis. They could be battling depression or suicidal thoughts. They could be angry, or feel betrayed by a loved one,” said Aiden Rowher-Nutter, Mobile Crisis Manager at CommUnity. “They might be frightened and anxious about seeking help. The only common experience is that the person is feeling too overwhelmed to work on an issue by themselves and needs help.”

When there is no medical emergency or threat of violence, Mobile Crisis Response can provide an alternative service to prevent unnecessary hospitalization or arrests. Counselors who are called to the scene use proven de-escalation techniques to stabilize the crisis. They help clients create a plan to stay safe, provide additional resources and referrals, and follow up the next day.

More information about how this service works is available at