Mid-Prairie, WACO remove sports attendance restrictions

Two area schools have changed their sports attendance policies this week.

At Monday’s regular meeting, the Mid-Prairie school board reversed its decision from last week which limited attendance at high school sporting events.

Also on Monday, the WACO school district announced a policy change now allowing open attendance at indoor games.

“The board revised this because of some concerns brought up by the coaching staff,” Mid-Prairie Superintendent Mark Schneider said Tuesday morning. “The staff proposed an alternative. The board looked at that alternative and agreed.”

Last week, the board agreed to limit attendance, giving football players and coaches four tickets each for family members, while volleyball players and coaches were allotted three tickets each. Tickets for the student section were distributed on a lottery basis.

Monday’s decision did away with those restrictions.

“Football is going back to normal,” Schneider said. “We’re not limiting spectators. We are still encouraging social distancing in the student section.”

For volleyball matches, all fans will enter and pay through the south main entrance and enter the gym through the southeast entrance away from the locker rooms.

Activities Director Tyler Hotz said that the school is working on a plan to locate the band in the south end zone for football games.

Schneider said that masks are recommended for football games and required for volleyball matches.

“If you’re not feeling well for any reason, all I ask is that you stay home,” he said.

Football and volleyball games are being streamed online, with a link on the district’s web page.

The district paid the licensing fees in order to make the livestreams available at no charge to fans.

The WACO school district announced Monday that the high school will no longer restrict attendance to events in the gym.

“It was an administrative decision to align the evening policy with the school day policy,” Athletic Director Chad Edeker said Tuesday morning.

Previously, the school allotted three tickets per player and coach for indoor events. There have been no restrictions on outdoor events.

WACO fans will sit on the north side of the gym, and visiting fans will sit on the south side. Students will use the stage as a student section.

“We ask that family groups please sit together and socially distance themselves from other families by 6 feet,” the district’s press release said.

At the beginning of the school year, the WACO school board voted to recommend, but not require, the wearing of face coverings.

Edeker said that policy extends to sporting events.

Games at all levels are being streamed online on the WACOWarriorLive YouTube channel.