Henry County GOP Facebook post calls for revolution

Henry County Republican Committee chairman Trent Hobbs at a Trump debate watch party in September. (Union file photos)
Henry County Republican Committee chairman Trent Hobbs at a Trump debate watch party in September. (Union file photos)

MT. PLEASANT — Patriots should prepare for a revolution and “stay locked and loaded,” according to a post to the Henry County Republican Party Facebook page by the county chairman.

In a Wednesday night post, Chairman Trent Hobbs states the country is “officially screwed,” and the republic is on the path to socialism.

“So from this time forward, patriots stay locked and loaded. Keep your family close,” Hobbs said.

About 5:45 p.m. Thursday, the post was removed from the website after the Union made several calls inquiring about it.

The original post came as the country watched hundreds of pro-Trump rioters breach the U.S. Capitol after protesting the ceremonial counting of the electoral votes that confirmed Preside-elect Job Biden’s win.

“Get ready for the coming revolution as the storming of the capital today will be likened to the shot heard round the world that launched the first Revolutionary War,” Hobbs said in the post. “Only this time it will be Red vs Blue.”

Hobbs also said politicians regardless of party affiliation are not standing up for a free and lawful election.

“I would have never guess in my entire life that the country that Patriots have fought and lost their lives for would so quickly turn this way,” Hobbs said.

In an earlier post that day, Hobbs said any Republican that allows Democrats to take offices “they did not legally win” will not receive his vote.

Hobbs said as the county chairman, he has a lot of contact and will use it to get to the ear of Iowans.

The post has more than 60 comments as of 5:45 p.m. on Thursday when it was removed from the county GOP Facebook page.

Many individuals condemned the comments.

“For the safety of our state, every IA Republican needs to publicly disavow these dangerous threats,” Julie Grimley said in a comment.

Shannon Eck said in a comment she reported the post to the FBI. Laurie Hollister said the post is the equivalent of calling fire in a movie theater.

“Public roads are socialism. The fire department is socialism. The department of public health is socialism. Seems like you need some education,” William Monroe said.

Others praised the post.

“Very well put Trent, and God bless you and your family for trying to help,” Lori Polka said.

Messages left for Hobbs were not immediately returned.