Fewer Fairfield staff, students needing to quarantine

FAIRFIELD – The number of Fairfield students and staff having to quarantine or remain in isolation due to COVID-19 exposure has plummeted in the last 1.5 months.

Data from the Fairfield Community School District shows that the number of staff and students quarantining/isolating has been below 20 since early February and even fell below six on Feb. 16. That is a dramatic dip from where it was in early January when the number was 92, and well below the high of 135 on Nov. 13. The school district has not had a positive COVID case since Feb. 1.

The trend at the school mirrors the trend in Jefferson County, which has seen its positive cases fall steadily since early January. The number of positive cases fell to as low as 35 on Feb. 18, but all of a sudden jumped to 136 the following day.