Fairfield wastewater plant nearly finished

Contractor gathering data on city's sewer pipes

FAIRFIELD – Fairfield City Engineer Melanie Carlson said that the city’s new wastewater treatment plant is nearly complete.

Carlson said the plant is operational as designed, but there are a few odds and ends to finish before it’s fully done. She noted that the city is making good progress on Step II, a project to replace sewer lines on the east side of town stretching from Lamson Woods to Maharishi International University. The city’s hired contractor McClure Construction is performing a study to determine how much work will be involved in fixing the sewer lines on the west side of the city. McClure installed meters in sewer lines to measure the flow rate and to track how flow is affected by rainfall, since some rain is able to enter the sanitary sewer through cracks.

“That helps us know what size to make the pipes in the future,” Carlson said.

A study like this was done seven to 10 years ago, but the city has undertaken a number of improvements since then, so it wanted to redo the study to make sure it was ordering the right size of pipe. Carlson said there are 15 meters gathering data. They were installed at the end of March and will be removed shortly, if they haven’t been already. She said they’re put in the pipes during the rainiest part of the year to gather the most information possible.

In other news, the concrete work is done at the pedestrian crossing at West Burlington Avenue and Ninth Street, just northeast of the Roosevelt Community Recreation Center. Carlson said there was a delay in ordering the pedestrian signals that say “don’t walk,” and the push button activations.

She expects to wait another month before that equipment is installed.

Carlson said the city and the Iowa Department of Transportation are working out the details of a roundabout on South Highway 1 at the intersection with Libertyville Road. The council has agreed to install a roundabout there, and the DOT has agreed to the concept of a roundabout. Carlson said utilities along the side of the road will be relocated in 2021 before the roundabout and other improvements are installed in 2022.