Voter ID changes makes it more difficult to vote

To the Editor:

The article in the Wed, Oct 30 issue titled “Voting ID changes: bring your Iowa driver’s license” overlooked the fact that “Voter ID” is an ugly scheme to make it harder for people to vote.

Read the article again – I trust that you’ll see that the newly-added difficulty of voting in Iowa is completely clear. There has been no problem with voter fraud in Iowa, or anywhere else in the U.S. It has been a vanishingly small issue all along. In 2016, out of 1.6 million ballots cast, an independent survey by the Des Moines Register concluded that there were ten (TEN!) cases of confirmed voter fraud or attempted fraud, e.g. trying to vote more than once, as a Trump supporter did but was not convicted because they were deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.

The Republican Party and their Secretaries of State all over the U.S. have made non-existent ‘voter fraud’ into an opportunity for them to make it more difficult for low-income, persons of color, elderly and various other non-property-owning, non-white, non-wealthy people to vote. All of this has been analyzed and exposed many time over around the U.S. Guess who benefits from all this? The Republican party and its candidates who could not ‘win’ a fair and square election without preventing low-income, persons of color, elderly and various other non-property-owning, non-white, non-wealthy people from voting.

The ‘fraud’ in Voter ID is voter ID itself. I urge my fellow citizens to vote out of office every last legislator and other elected official, Republican or Democrat, most especially current Secretary of State Paul Pate and governor Kim Reynolds, for perpetrating this odious scheme upon the people of Iowa. To get that done and overcome the barriers made to keep you from voting by Iowa’s “Voter ID” laws, be sure to confirm your current voter registration with your local Auditor’s office. Re-confirm it 30-90 days before the next primary and general election. Make arrangements to get your Voter ID and otherwise play by these obstructive, vote-suppressing rules for now.

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance” – Thomas Jefferson. Let’s show the vote-suppression “Voter ID” schemers to the door and elect a legislature and Governor that respects democracy and encourages voter participation by getting rid of these obstructive rules and encouraging citizen participation in our electoral process. Demand automatic voter registration, same day voter registration, and other reforms that have been proven to significantly increase citizen participation in elections with no increase in ‘voter fraud.’ A number of states have already done this. That will be Iowans’ best answer to ‘Voter ID.’

Patrick Bosold