United Presbyterian Home news

Mary Holmes celebrated her 100th birthday in the company of her daughter and son plus a number of residents who social distanced outside to greet her. It was a cool morning and Mary had to wrap in a blanket. In early August Mary never imagined that she would need to bundle up to go outside on her birthday. Mary was the recipient of many flower bouquets and numerous cards.

A storm passing through the area midday Monday sent several residents to their safe place as a precautionary measure. Thankfully everyone is all right and damage to the United Presbyterian Home Campus was minimal with only one tree landing on a cottage rooftop and another tree in the street. Many sticks and branches remain to be cleaned up. As news of destruction spread in neighboring Iowa City and Cedar Rapids areas, residents felt very fortunate to be safe and enjoying the luxury that comes with electricity and running water.

Hungry for socialization, Kerr Hall residents met for lunch Tuesday in the Moore Family Dining Room. They feasted on pork sirloin with raspberry glaze, Asian chicken salad, fresh green beans, watermelon and cherry pie a la mode before enjoying a leisurely afternoon visit. Event planners, Donna Proudfit and George and Meda Fulton, organized the luncheon.

Andrew Zuehlke has resumed in person Bible studies and hymn sings with limited attendance and conforming to our new way of gathering. Hymn sings especially have taken on new meaning as Andrew is the sole vocalist. Andrew has a beautiful voice and participants are content to listen as Andrew shares the word of God through his musical talents.