Library page: A family tradition

By Meredith Madison

Having a job as a Washington Library page has become a family tradition for me. Two of my sisters have also worked here at the library. Working here has been such a blessing to all of us, and I am truly grateful that I was hired. I never thought that a position at the library would shape who I have become and am still becoming. When I was first hired, I felt that I had to live up to the legacy of my other sisters who had previously worked here. I thought that if I didn’t present the same qualities that my sisters had, that I would be known as a failure. This kind of thinking messed with me quite a bit and I started to doubt that I was worthy of being in this position. However, these struggles and these thoughts soon faded as I gained more confidence.

As time went on, I eventually got the hang of being a page, and I soon made friends with all of my co-workers. You see, the library isn’t just a job, it’s a learning opportunity and a place where you can gain an abundance of skills which may lead you to secure a good quality job in the future. In fact, both of my sisters were hired at their college library for their work-study job because of the experience they gained as a page.

One of the best things about working at the library is that the working environment is always positive. We are always encouraged to stretch ourselves and learn new skills. A few things that I have learned while working here are: the Dewey Decimal system, customer service, how to get along with co-workers, how to be professional over the phone, and so much more!

This year I had the privilege of helping the new pages that had recently been hired. I told them that they won’t always get everything right the first time and that’s OK. I remind them that this job is one of the best jobs they can have, because the people here really care about them, and they care about the customers. I will forever be grateful that this job has been in my family since 2013 when my sister, Megan, was hired. If you ever have the chance to work at this library, just go for it because I promise you that you won’t regret it.