Letter to the editor: Time goes on

To the editor,

Politicians have been playing with our time for many years. Seventy years ago I was buying timber in Eastern Illinois. I made arrangements with a timber spotter in western Indiana (about one hour south of my position) to meet at noon. When I arrived I was an hour late simply because Indiana had change to daylight saving time. We laughed at how stupid this was, had lunch, did our business, and enjoyed each other’s company in spite my tardiness.

In the first and second World Wars, daylight saving time was brought forward to save time on the generators. I don’t quite remember WWI, however World War II stands out very clear. The generators were never shut off as we had a war to win. Another senseless move. It’s a shame the nations of our planet won’t show enough respect for one another to maintain time zones that are based on distance, rather than randomly manipulating time.

Robert Batey

Mt. Pleasant