Letter to the editor: Faith is more than having our prayers answered

To the editor,

A belief in God and faith in God are not really the same thing. Belief converted into experience becomes faith. So much of what we think is faith is about having our prayers answered; of getting and having what we want out of life. When our prayers represent our will, our desires, our hopes and dreams, we may be missing the bigger picture. Perhaps what we really should be asking for is God’s will to be done and the wisdom and the courage to carry it out. If our prayers are to be free from all our trials and tribulations; we may be missing the lessons those challenges are meant to teach us. As we look back on our lives we all realize, at some point, that most of our spiritual growth came in those times when we were challenged by life’s circumstances ... not by what we got, what we wanted and what we prayed for.

So what does this all mean? We are here to learn and grow. As we learn to have faith in God and believe in God’s will. We are better able to accept the challenges that come along, knowing that a loving God is guiding us through our lives. And how do meet those challenges? By facing them. and learning to help ourselves. God helps those who help themselves. God is always there, but we must help ourselves. It is by our will that we help ourselves but it is faith that keeps us moving forward, even after making our worst mistakes in life. Faith is what helps us to get up one more time and keep trying. Faith helps us to not give in or give up when all seems lost. We may find it hard to believe in God at those times, when all seems lost, when we are ready to give up. But we need never fear. We need only remember in those times when we can’t seem to believe in God. He still does and always will believe in us.

Jim Turner, Fairfield