Greater Jefferson County Foundation announces new board members

The Greater Jefferson County Foundation has announced its new board members and current officers.

The group’s members include: Lori Stever, Lucas Helling, Jessica Jones, Joan Fulton, Ron Haines, Justin Engwall, Matt Eakins, Dr. Ray Woody, Dale Sue Glass and Kathy Winkleman. Its officers for the 2020-2021 year are Kara Waugh, President; Frank Redeker, Vice President; Sim Buckley, Treasurer; and Ashley Manning, Executive Secretary.

The foundation’s board members serve for a term of three years and then can remain for an additional three-year term for a total of six years. When they complete their second three-year term, they must go off the board, to keep more individuals from the county involved in this charitable process. The board members are selected geographically from Jefferson County so that all areas and towns will be represented on the board of directors.

The only individual who ever requested to stay more that two consecutive terms was Lee T. Gobble. He completed his second term, took a year away from the board, and then came back for a third term.

The foundation’s officers are elected annually and many have stayed at that responsibility role for two or three years, or until their term limit is reached.

John Morrissey serves as legal counsel, Dr. William Baumann, as Finance Ex-officio, David Neff as Public Relations Ex-officio and Barbara Kistler, Administrator.

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