Crawfordsville news: The Brooks family's trying year

Chelsea Brooks has returned to her home in Hamburg, Germany following a visit to the home of her parents, Norman and Beth Brooks. This is her first visit home since her mother had open heart surgery in July at Mayo Clinic.

Beth was hospitalized for three weeks and it was touch and go for many days, even when she was able to return home there were some complications. She was on dialysis for a short time and seemingly defied all odds, thus being named “Wonder Woman” by her husband, Norman. After much physical therapy and doctor’s visits Beth was well on her way to recovery. In late November, she was back to riding her horse. She was cleared to go back to teaching full time after Thanksgiving.

In the midst of Beth’s recovery, Norman had surgery of his own on a finger which he had broken in two places two years before while folding up a choir riser following a concert. He broke the finger tip and the knuckle and the bone was sticking up. The doctors told him he’d be off work two weeks, but as it turned out, he was back in one. All in all, the Brooks had quite a year, but one that turned out to be a miracle for “Wonder Woman.”

The Crawfordsville Benefited Fire District had a very successful drive-thru soup supper on Saturday evening, Jan. 9. They actually had a larger response than in past years and sold out of nine roasters of soup. The soups served were Chili, Cheesy Potato and Beef Enchilada. All were offered for a free-will offering. Assisting the Firemen were First Responders, Sonya Love-Smith and Darren and Karen Dennler.